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Great Action for 1st Time Fishing Charters, Stuart Fl. Charters!

Over the last few weeks the weather has been great and the fish have been cooperative. This July has offerd great action along the local reefs and wrecks. Dolphin are still around, and its been worth putting some time in, but there have been a few days over the last few weeks were the top water bite just shut off. Fortunately the big amberjacks, grouper, cobia, and sharks have been keeping the big bottom rods bent while seabass, various types of snapper, porgies and triggerfish keep the action going and everyone happy. These fishing charters are not only great for the most experienced anglers, but this time of year, Florida offers nonstop fishing action and makes it a great time to take your first time anglers out and get them hooked on fishing for life. Check out the Facebook page S.P.F. Fishing charters for videos and pictures of some of these first time battles. One of the best parts about being a charter boat captain is seeing this great memories being made. Give me a call to book your Stuart Fl. Fishing charter today. Im looking forward to fishing with you soon. Capt. Scott (772) 285-1055.

Tuna Fishing Chaters Near Orlando Fl. A Trip To The Otherside

Awesome weather today made for an easy ride to the other side of the Gulf Stream for our Fl. Yellowfin tuna charter. 35 kts. Got us to the first pack of birds in about a hour and a half, but the flat calm seas made the fish a little skittish today. We ended up with a half dozen blackfin that weighed up to 25 lbs. and one out of seven 35 lb. yellowfin tuna. We had some hard luck holding on to a quadruple header ofbigyellowfin when we broke one off and pulled the hooks on the other three. the next good pass we pulled off another nice fish, and so on... Horrible rainstorms sent us running for home a little early on top of our hard luck.It just wasnt meant to be today. We did see some nice fish blowing up, but with more rain over there tomorrow along with all the boats, and reports of even more going tomorrow, we are going to postpone tomorrow’s trip and fish locally. The bottom has been pretty active, and the local weather is looking good, give me a call to book your Stuart Fl. Fishing charter today. Looking forward to fishing with you soon. Capt. Scott (772) 285-1055

Great Charter Fishing Near Palm Beach Fl. Keepin it Bent!

This summer so far has provided our fishing charters with beautiful weather and some great action. Over the last few weeks we have been primarily fishing along the reefs and wrecks during our local trips and when weather allows, running to the east side looking for yellowfin tuna. Chris C came back again in search of more big sea bass, and caught a dozen keepers and a few b liners during a half day fishing charter that we picked up at Sailfish Point. Claude S. And his guests had a great 3/4 day Fl. fishing charter catching a half dozen dolphin up to 18 pounds and jumping two sailfish off right next to the boat. Clay E. and his family had a great trip where the amberjacks and grouper played nonstop. All three of the boys ages 13-17 had there work cut out for them with Ajs galore up to 50 pounds. They also caught two out of five grouper to 22 lbs. And released a sailfish. Give me a call or click on the contact us link to book your Stuart Fl. fishing charter. Capt Scott 772 285-1055.

Two Awesome Bahamas Trips

Over the last two weeks we have done everything from Fishing charters off Stuart, to two different Bahamas trips. Fist trip to the Islands was a two night stay on their 34 venture at Grand Cay. Tuna and Hogs were the targets. On the way over we hit a pack of tuna and caught a 50 pound yellowfin and a couple blackfin. Hit another pack of tuna and had a beast on the cedar plug. Fought him for about 5 min and pulled him off for some reason. Next pack of birds turned out to be a pallet with nice sized dolphin on it. The boys jumped in the water, and shot a35 lb dolphin and a 10 lb triple tail. Hit the Bahamas by 2:00 cleared and off the the first hog spot. Before we could get there we blew the lower unit and headed back to Grand early on day one. Hit a couple spots that yeilded some nice mutton snapper as we made our way back and found a plane to take us back to the states in the am. All of us were pretty disappointed the trip had to be cut short. SeaTow came and got the boat. Back Stateside fishing wasn’t great, but not still worth going. We only fished locally one day and caught a sail, a dolphin, a few keeper sea bass, and some AJ’s. 2nd trip to the Islands was two nights at Blue Marlin Cove in Grand Bahama. Target species were Tuna, Snapper and Grouper for a photo shoot for Cannon/ Humminbird. All in all it was a pretty epic trip. We caught three cubera snapper up to 65 pounds. Black grouper up to 25 lbs. and two out of three yellowfin all pushing 100 lbs. Had a long day waiting for the weather to break and it got pretty soggy. But looking back on it, definitely worth going!

Stuart Fl. Bottom Fishing Charters are Heating Up!

This weeks Stuart Fl. Fishing charters were mostly bottom and reef oriented. The weather laid back down and the bottom actions been pretty good. A few of the highlights would be taking Louis and Rob for a morning of deep water dives with a little jigging in between. These guys are animals! 180 feet down, spear guns and floats. Awesome just to here what’s down there on our spots. They ended up with a nice gag grouper, a scamp grouper and a Mahi on the guns and a few Ajs on the jigs while they were trying to burn some time up. Chris C and his guests spanked the huge sea bass on consecutive days and also caught some amberjacks, bonita kingfish and a sailfish. And had the pleasure of fishing with TV’s Roger Cook from This Old House for a second time. This prized fish during that trip was a 40 pound permit they fought for over an hour. Just as the fish was giving up so we could successfully catch and release it, a shark came up and bit its tail off. Rogers group ended up with the only permit fillets that I have ever sent home with anybody, although we’ve released hundreds. Not many people realize that Stuart offers great opportunities at bucket list fish like Pemit, and Tarpon. Give me a shout to set up your Off the Chain Fishing Charter out of Stuart Fl. Capt. Scott Fawcett 772 285-1055. Hope to hear from you soon.